A Place For EVERY Woman

My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

Spreading His Love

Newton, CT Vigil2

A prayer written by your’s truly, on the day of the Newton Shooting …

Our most Gracious Heavenly Father, today I stand in awe of You! You who contain enough power in one breath to speak this beautiful world into existence. This was a place You created to commune with Your most precious creation … Us!

You wanted to give us a place where we could worship and fellowship with You. A place where we could develop the most meaningful relationship we would ever have.

But somewhere along the way, someone else decided they knew better, and convinced man that he should take matters into his own hands. With this single decision to act as the evil one directed, the world was forever changed. Much like today. Pain, sickness, hurt, hate, disease, loneliness, rejection, sadness, and selfishness are few of the feelings that entered this world because of sin. These were feelings You never desired us to feel.

Today, among everything we’ve witnessed nationally as well as locally, we are flooded with emotions. Emotions that leave us speechless and aching!

Every time I hear about something like this I’m shell shocked!

And today’s seems worse for some reason. Maybe because the victims were so young. Maybe because the gunman wasn’t a student. Maybe because I have 2 precious babies that will be entering this era in their life very soon.

I don’t know, Lord. But I’m glad You were not shaken by this news. I’m glad it wasn’t news at all to You. I don’t know why You allow certain things to take place but I do know that ALL things must pass through Your very gracious and very just hands.

Your ways are not our ways, and I don’t think we are meant to understand all that we experience in this life. I think, NO I KNOW, we are simply suppose to trust You, and trust Your Word and Your promises that All things will work for good to the, that love The Lord!

Lord, today my faith is not shaken, but my heart is definitely broken. You have been showing me over this past year about how Your heart aches too when Your children are hurting. I know You are aching alongside us, Father.

I pray that You would pour out Your peace and comfort on all the ones who are needing that extra touch from You. Lord send out Your disciples that they may spread the good news to ALL who may not know that everything we experience because sin entered this world is quickly fading and judgment is coming. Yet once the judgment has taken place, You, Lord will wipe every tear away and pain will be no more. Praying souls will be won over to Your kingdom through this tragedy.

In Jesus name I pray … AMEN!

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