A Place For EVERY Woman

My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

Hooking Up to Jesus


Thank you sweet Jesus for not letting us go beyond what we can bear.  Although sometimes it seems we will be overtaken by temptation, even then You have got our backs, dousing Satan’s fiery darts with Your Living Water, guaranteeing our way out… however it is up to us to make sure our “hose” is hooked up to You, otherwise we will succumb to the temptations and be left feeling defeated… knowing we lost this battle because we tried to fight it alone!  Lord, help us to see when we have become disconnected to our source of Living Water.  Rid our vessel of anything that would hinder the flow of our protection.  Make us aware of the fires we endure, and lead us to the way out that You may be victorious in and through us.  For it’s in Jesus name we pray, amen.

fight the good fight

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