A Place For EVERY Woman

My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

The Letter K

god is so good

A very dear friend of mine has been dealing with cluster headaches for the past week.  If you are like myself, your probably scratching your head right now wondering “what in the world are cluster headaches?”

If you are familiar, please bear with me:

“Cluster headache is a condition that involves, as its most prominent feature, an immense degree of pain that is almost always on only one side of the head. Some doctors and scientists have described the pain resulting from cluster headaches as the most intense pain a human can endure — worse than giving birth, burns or broken bones.  Many cluster headache sufferers have committed suicide, leading to the nickname “suicide headaches” for cluster headaches. The cause of the condition is currently unknown.  It affects approximately 0.1% of the population, and men are more commonly affected than women.  Cluster headaches often occur periodically: spontaneous remissions interrupt active periods of pain, though there are about 20% of suffers whose cluster headaches never remit.” – thank you Wikipedia


After a week of suffering, I along with some of my other girlfriends, as well as many other people, paused tonight to spend time in prayer.  We wanted to see God’s hand move.  We made the desires of our hearts known to the Father, yet we asked His will be done.

In our circle of friends, we have had the opportunity to see the Lord’s hands literally move mountains in order to save lives!  Miraculous healings!  The kind of healing that wasn’t uncommon during Jesus time on earth, yet the kind that seems to be so foreign here now.

Today I’m so excited to announce the letter – K and what God has shown me …

God is KIND!

Tonight as I lifted my sister up, the peace that I oh so desired, His peace, seemed to be distant.  After a bit, I told God I needed Him, with clear answers and His peace to come down from Heaven.  I opened up “a bible verse a day” app on my phone and this is the verse I found:

“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You.” – Isaiah 26:3 NASB

You want to know why I say God is kind?  This is why … God didn’t have to meet me there.  He didn’t have to answer so specifically.  He didn’t have to hear my prayer at all.  But thank the Lord that His ways are not our ways, and His love is perfect.  It’s full of kindness!

Kindness is defined as: the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for being so kind.  Thank You for allowing us, a simple part of Your creation, the opportunity to bring our request to You.  Thank You for hearing our cries.  Thank You for answering our prayers in such a mighty way.  Thank You for bestowing Your peace on our dear sister!  Lord we will continue to trust in You to be the provider of her peace as well as ours.  May we continue to seek You with all our hearts while You may be found.  May our lives and the circumstances of our days always scream out Glory and Honor and Praise to You!  For it’s in Jesus name we pray and at His feet we willingly bow … AMEN!

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