A Place For EVERY Woman

My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

Why Settle for a Piece?


“And when they had crucified Him, they divided up His garments among themselves by casting lots.”

Matthew 27:35

I find this part of the crucifixion amazing.  They, the Roman soldiers, divided up Jesus’ garments among themselves by gambling for them.  They felt the need to gamble for His garments – He who was sacrificing Himself to be the payment for the sin of all mankind – He who would have and does give Himself completely to all who ask – He who thinks we are worth way more than just a piece!

How often do we as Christians feel the need to cast lots for what Jesus has to offer?  To put in our bidding, like we truly have any luck or strategy over the outcome of how much of Jesus we receive.  As if He would only give a little of Himself to the people He died for – the very same people who only reserve so much ourselves for Him.

Oh Precious Jesus, may we be as eager and as willing to give all of ourselves over to You!  To follow in Your example of giving all of ourselves over for the sake of furthering the will of God.  In Jesus name Amen!

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