A Place For EVERY Woman

My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

Choosing to be Broken, Empty and Alone

trusting conflict


Romans 10:11 NASB

This is my prayer… and an answer to many… Click here to view…

Thank You sweet Jesus for seeing me exactly where I am… during this very difficult and painful time in my life. A time where You’ve been teaching and molding me into who You’ve created me to be. A time when the fear of disappointment consumes me. A time when holding on to MY hopes and MY dreams seems more beneficial than letting them die along with my old self.

A time when saying good bye to the future I envisioned for myself opens my eyes and my heart to not only see, but to experience You in the way You intended us too… to live in an intimate and meaningful relationship with the One who died for me… the One who proved His love in a way no mortal man could, despite his best intentions…

And even though I’ve known each and every thing I have experienced and am currently experiencing has been within Your will… part of Your plan for my life… placing my complete and total trust in You has been extremely difficult. Daddy, let these words forever be my prayer. Let them become my desire. To long for the refiners fire so that I may be made into what You see when You see me.

Sounds completely crazy I know… but today I’m choosing to trust You with my heart… allowing You to keep making me however You choose… believing that my circumstances will bring me closer to You… trusting You to do in me what I cannot do and that is to love like my Jesus loves… arms wide open… heart fully exposed and unguarded… embracing the pain a real, genuine, selfless love causes one to experience… imperfecting following Your will… striving towards Your vision for my future… trusting that in the end I will not be disappointed! For it’s in Jesus’ precious and holy name I pray, amen!

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