A Place For EVERY Woman

My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

The Letter U


“Who has ascended into heaven and descended?  Who has gathered the wind in His fists?  Who has wrapped the waters in His garment?  Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is His name or His son’s name?  Surely you know!” 

Proverbs 30:4


Unappreciated is defined as:  not likely to be appreciated by those who benefit

Since the beginning of time, I can think of no one more unappreciated for what benefits He can provide for EVERY man, woman and child than the Lord, God Almighty.  I also cannot think of anyone who offers something more beneficial, than that which He offers through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

God offers freedom … freedom for all … freedom from sin, freedom from death, freedom for the wrath and punishment we all deserve; yet seeing our need and knowing that outside of Christ’s sacrifice, outside of the excruciating and humiliating death of His One and Only Son, we were hopeless.  Hopeless and bound for an eternity spent in torment!

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”  John 15:13

No truer statement has ever been made.  But Jesus did not only died for His friends.  Yes, He died for those who loved Him then and those who love Him now, but that’s not where His love ends.  He died for those who hated and despised Him then and those who hate and despise Him now.

Jesus Christ, my sweet, sweet, innocent Jesus, came and died so that each one of us could enjoy all heaven has to offer.

“For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.”  John 3:17

This verse says “that the world might be saved”.  CHRISTIANS … IT IS UP TO US!!!

I feel like this great nation, whose very foundation was God, is choosing to walk the body of Christ away from the very thing Christ died to save us from.  As a whole we’ve decided that it is best to compromise His truths in order not to be offensive.  We are standing by and watching biblical truths … eternal truths … become nothing more than ideas from a fictitious story.  We are letting Satan win, because we don’t appreciate God.  We don’t appreciate His precious Word.  We don’t appreciate the lengths He went to save our souls from a future we all have earned.  We don’t appreciate the depths of His love or the price of such a great debt.  We don’t appreciate the abundance of grace, mercy and forgiveness that falls upon us daily.

Instead we agree, or even worse we remain silent, when this world turns their back on the one whose back is literally scarred from the beating He received in their place.  We choose entitlement over persecution, and we choose to strive after the next best thing.  Well guess what …

God offers the absolute best there is – SALVATION – through the offering of the absolute best there was – JESUS CHRIST! 

Christians if we don’t appreciate who God is and what Jesus died for … why would a lost world choose to?

Precious Father!  I’m so thankful that I stand in Your eyes tonight whole and sinless.  It’s not because I am whole or sinless, but because I’ve chosen to be washed in the blood of Your precious Son.  I’ve chosen to let Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary’s cross become my once and for all sacrifice.  The payment for my sins.  My reason to stand up and stand out whenever the truths He died to protect are being questioned.  To stand up and out when persecution is inevitable.  Lord it is only through Your strength that any of us would ever have what it takes to live a life that is glorifying to You here in this sin filled place.  Lord enable me to stand for You in spite of what others may think.  Forgive me for the times I’ve been ashamed and unappreciative.   Lord may I  be as bold, as humble, as honest, as loving, as persistent, as faithful, as gracious, as merciful, as quiet in my crucifying moments, as dedicated to Your plan,  as willing to follow You wherever You may lead and as willing to endure the cost to self that You call me to pay.  For it’s because of Christ that I can pray to You and in His name I ask these things … Amen.

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