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My sisters in the Lord, regardless of where you are on your walk with the Father … There is a place for EVERY woman at the foot of the Cross.

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

The Poe Family

Est. April 1973

A real marriage is not one that is based on love … happiness … gratitude … or trust.  A real marriage is one that is based on a choice.

A choice to love rather than to hate …

A choice to resolve rather than to argue …

A choice to compromise rather than to act selfishly …

A choice to stick it out rather than to through in the towel …

As the story is written, emotions will soar with the birds and rage with the sea, but it’s the step by step choices that pave the road a marriage will travel.

Mom and Dad … Yours is not likely to be seen on the big screen or read about in any book.  However, this love story, your love story has taught us more about what a real “love story”, a real marriage is all about.

40 years ago, you began this chapter of your lives.  You made vows, exchanged rings and sealed your commitment to one another with a kiss.  With the words … “I now pronounce you man and wife” … I’m sure nothing other than sheer joy must have flooded your souls.

Along the way, each and every shift in this journey has brought about a sea of emotions.

Thinking back to the times the water glistened and sparkled as it moved across the sea floor … to the times the water was rough … to the times when the water sat still and reflected the beauty of the rising and setting sun …

Now more than ever, I truly see how lucky we all are!

What an honor and privileged that God has given us, with you as our example.  I know it’s not always been a picture perfect example, but it’s always been a real example … just as the tides change, the storms rage, and the waves glisten … the choices you’ve made, for better or worse, is a display of His splendor.  Constantly choosing, through the strength only God can give, to cling to the vows you made so long ago.

We love you for who you are.  We love you for what you’ve taught us.  We love you for the life you’ve given us.  Look around … It started with you two … then along came Scott and myself … and then Jason and Shanel … and now Dallas and Mikena.  Your love created all of this.

I doesn’t matter how many fairy tales we read or romantic comedies we watch, YOURS will always be our favorite … til death do us part … and then forever …

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